Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ALC Day 5

    Red dress day! On this day, everyone in the ride wears a ridiculous red outfit and cycles in it as a metaphor for eliminating the stigma against HIV positive people and saying, "we're in this together." When we are all spread out along the route it's almost like a giant red ribbon strung along the highway and it's awesome. Everyone said that this day was easy because it was only 46 miles, but they left out the part where it was 46 steep uphill miles!  Not to mention it was a very wet, drizzly, and super cold day to be wearing skimpy red dress :-p.
    There were some great moments, like the old guy in the Minnie costume playing guitar on the side of the road, and some really difficult and long climbs. The dresses we wore were all crafted by Gavin's mom and his adorable nieces, and we made quite a group pedaling down the road. I loved seeing all the children staring gawk-eyed at us as we traveled through the towns and I can only imagine what the inhabitants of the California State Penitentiary thought as we circled around the compound.
    In the morning I visited the medical tent and they did some crazy tape job on my legs, which in combination with the pedals Gavin put on my bike made a world of difference! I was able to pedal the whole way without injuring my ankles further. Even though it was a short day in mileage (46 miles), it was a very difficult route and I am so glad to be in camp early for some extended rest. Tomorrow we leave Lompoc and head to Ventura on the beach, and we are only 2 days away from the finish line!!!

Awesome tape job to help reduce the swelling in my ankles.

Our wonderful red dresses!

It was so cold at lunch they had to give out Mylar.

This guy was just awesome!

Gavin stopping to watch for riders who need help while
I have a small frustration break.

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