Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ALC Day 3

    Today was Quad Buster day and boy did it bust me! I had to walk about half of it but the rest of the ride certainly made up for it. There were hills, there was head wind, there was an endless sun and blue sky, and there was a crazy dry heat. I must have gone through 20 bottles of water and my throat was still completely dry. I'm also starting to have a bit of trouble with my ankle but I'm hoping if I focus on my posture I can nip that before it becomes a bad problem. Tomorrow we FINALLY leave the desert and make our way back towards Santa Maria. Please send me your good wishes as we cross over the "Evil Twin" hills and arrive at the halfway point to Los Angeles!

The infamous $100 hamburger club

Today's height map for the Quad Buster
Crossing into the Paso Robles camp...Phew!

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