Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Visual Analogy

For this project, were supposed to bring in two objects and morph them into each other by finding their similiarities, and, of course, put them into a believable space. I think I may have invented a little more than necessary, though.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yummy Fruit

And this is my first color project.

Well, hands are cool, right?

Symbolic portrait

Here is a portrait of me, without using my face.


For this assignment, we took something in the room and applied textures from other objects to it. i thought it was cool.



Drawn Animation

Drawn Animation from gunslingers19 and Vimeo.

here's my first shot at traditional 2D animation. Hope you like it! It's my favorite so far.

Paint Animation

Paint Animation from gunslingers19 and Vimeo.

Ok, so it's not really paint. It's the aesthetic of editing a single image over and ever again every frame.


Whip from gunslingers19 and Vimeo.

Hehe, I like this little guy.

First entry

Alright folks, I decided to give this a try. Let's see how it goes!