Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Time!

Here is a new template for some Christmas cards. Let me know if you would like one, and where it should be sent to. I'll be ordering about them pretty soon so let me know fast! Also considering selling packs of ten cards each in case you want more than one...but haven't decided on pricing yet. Also, I might do one or two more card designs before it's said and done with, so I'll keep ya updated!

On another note, I might be working with my cooworker Gavin to actual create this Christmas tree as a sculpture piece out of iron and copper, which should prove to be a fun and exciting project! WoOt!!!!!


This is my personification of the state of being "jaded." To me, this state is a prison created by your own mind. It blinds you to the potential of good in your life and keeps you bound to a wall of cynicism and pessimism. I show this with the figure cloaked in a hood and trapped inside a decaying room, organically designed and lit with low key lighting to bolster the sense of a dank subconscious space.