Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ALC Day 4

    Day 4 brought many challenges. First were the "Evil Twins:" a two pronged hill making a 6 mile climb up 1800 k. When we got to the top, however, we were greeted with cold ocean air, clouds (hallelujah!), and the halfway point to Los Angeles! I can hardly believe it, but yes, at the end of today we have cycled over 300 miles! There was a nice long downhill on the other side, but PLENTY of ups and downs to challenge our already fatigued legs.
    By lunch there was a setback for me: my ankles decided to swell up pretty bad and the medics very strongly advised me to take the bus to camp and miss out on the 2nd half of today's route. It pained me to do so, but I would rather rest and be able to finish the week than push too hard and be completely out. So, I took the SAGG bus for the last 48 miles and am icing up my ankles. Tomorrow is a short day (only 46 miles in total!) and is also red dress day! That means Gavin, his mom, and I will be cycling in the red dresses his two nieces helped make for the occasion, alongside 2500 other riders also in their own red dresses. It promises to be an exciting day!
All of us at the halfway point.

so excited!

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