Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ALC Day 2

108 miles!!!
    Today was a landmark day for me. Not only is it the longest distance in one day that I will ride on the ALC, but it is also the furthest I have ever ridden on a bike. And the ride was not easy. In the beginning we faced some rolling hills as we exited Santa Cruz, and then we cut into the Central Valley of California for the majority of the day. As we dropped in altitude, the cold air diminished and left us in a clear ski with a hot sun and wind like you wouldn't believe. When the wind was behind us, I could coast uphill at a comfortable 15 miles an hour! But boy, when we hit a turn around a mountain and that tail wind became a headwind, we had to pedal like our lives depended on it.
    The physical challenges, however, were matched with some amazing ones. One was the artichoke stop that had the most amazing grilled, fried, and steamed artichokes. Even artichoke cupcakes (which were freaking amazing!). And then the water stop where a woman bakes thousands of cookies over an entire year, storing them in her freezer, and then gives them away to the riders for free. It is that kind of love and dedication that makes this ride worth it and fills my heart with gratitude.
    Now I am preparing myself for tomorrow's 62 miles ...uphill... on what has been lovingly named "the quad buster." Wish me luck!
Day 2 Camp

The 1st time all of use reached 100 consecutive miles on a bike!

108 miles complete!
The amazing Cookie Lady!

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