Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ALC Day 1

     83 miles later and I have successfully arrived at camp in Santa Cruz, CA!!!  We arrived at the Cow Palace at 5:30am this morning, experienced a moving opening ceremony with the presentation of a "riderless bike," which is a symbol for the millions who have been lost to HIV and the cause that the friends and loved ones continue to carry forward, and then hit the road.  The ocean views and the cliffs were absolutely astounding and the brisk cold air pushed me forward mile by mile.  But omg, the hills, and the hills, and the more hills that came.  I swear none of them ever went downhill!  But I conquered them and rode into camp triumphantly 9 hours later :). Now I'm stuffing my face at dinner and listening to the touching stories from today, and trying not to be afraid of the 108 mile ride tomorrow to King's City!  Wish me another triumphant ride tomorrow and I will send another update on my return!

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