Monday, July 11, 2011

Lambda Photography Workshop

    A few days ago I participated in a creativity workshop at the Houston Lambda center, and went on a little photography tour of Market Square in downtown Houston.  Blistering swampy heat aside, I was able to capture some really cool scenes in some very unlikely places.  Mostly I wanted to use this opportunity to try out some abstract photo techniques, especially non-standard aspect ratios and extreme close-ups of contrasting shape and texture.  I have always been fascinated by the fact that you can look at something every day but not really notice the depth and beauty of it's lines and textures until someone photographs it.  Then all of a sudden it becomes something beautiful and creates not only a new perspective on a space, but becomes a conduit for what the individual sees in his mind's eye.  You normally don't think that something as mundane as a manhole cover or a fan can be beautiful until you're laying on the ground at odd angles, getting up close and personal with some rust.  And even if you look at a photo and it seems uninteresting, you can do some fantastic things by cropping it in crazy aspect ratios and focusing the image on the sometimes small area of the photograph that is unique..
    Above are a few samples of what I came up with, and there are many more where that came from!  What I am taking from this experience is that when coming up with a composition, or looking for a way to express your vision with a camera, don't be afraid to tilt it and get so close to your subject the lens is practically resting on it.  Then just snap away, even if it means using 20 pictures on one subject.  The more compositions and angles you explore, the more you have to examine and play with later.  The results will most certainly surprise you!

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Penelope said...

Amazing! I love your explanation of "looking" and how you may look at something every day and never see, but then you really look and you see...lovely work.