Friday, August 21, 2015


    Another digital charcoal drawing.  I am super-loving these photoshop brushes my friend Joe Daniels gave me to Beta test.  He's a very talented animator/designer/tool developer and I know he may be putting these brushes up for sale at some point, so if you're interested visit his page and send him a message!

    This piece is one where I just started throwing lines and shapes down and watched as they evolved.  My last piece, which was largely inspired by a great photograph of a little girl in a field and transformed by my emotional state, struck something inside me that I feel drawn to and I think needs to be explored.  This method of drawing and painting allows me to let go of planning just a bit and get some shapes down, and then continually develop and refine them until they form a scene.  This is similar to the approach I used when doing my MFA work, but geared more towards literal storytelling.  My goal here is to see if whether or not I can transform a raw emotional state into a coherent illustration without losing the initial energy.

    I will admit that it's difficult to not be overwhelmed by mental editing, and I will need be vigilant about those nagging voices when I work.  Hopefully, I have managed to hold on to the spirit of this piece and the experience will make its way into those of you who see it. :)

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