Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally getting back to my roots

This last semester has taken me far, far, away from my comfortable home of artistic expression into the confounding, frustrating, practical world of technical artistry.  While the grueling and sometimes painful learning curves have taken me further in my understanding of the 3D animation pipeline and helped me grow as a technical artist, I've been badly yearning for some time to just relax and let the flow of expression once again paint itself on canvas.  Event though this technical canvas was my iPad, this last weekend at Lake Livingston was exactly what I needed to remind myself that even though I feel like I'm out of stamina in a marathon of programming out at the Viz Lab in A&M, I can still come home in the end to the warm and welcoming arms of the more expressive arts.

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Brett M. Wilson said...

Was this created by drawing with your fingers or a stylus? I'm kinda curious because it looks well done, and I am wondering if I should begin making art on the iPad lately.