Sunday, June 19, 2011

Starburst iPad painting

So the painting app I use on the iPad 2, procreate, recently had an
update which made it even more the best painting app for the iPad in
my opinion. It now has the ability to utilize "wet" brushes, which
will smear and pick up pigments of color that the brush stroke
crosses, much like Corel paint. They even added new sections to the
brush editing menu that allow you to change the load and amount of
wetness the brush will have. Also, much to my utter joy and
amazement..... You can use blending modes in your layers!!!! (I may
have peed a bit in my pants on this one...shhhh!!!!).
It's limited to multiply, screen, add, lighten, and exclusion at the
moment, but it's a huge step in the right direction :D. All these
improvements plus a fantastic redesign to their GUI and menus and an increase to hd resolution to their already phenomenal resolution make this definitely the number one art app to
have for any iPad user with an interest in art. Now we just need to
figure out some way of convincing Jobs to put in the software for
pressure sensitivity...come on baby!!!

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