Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Titans

Here is the final race for the Forces of Nature for my game concept, Pangaea. The Titans are the brute force of nature, her ultimate sentinels and watchmen. They are incredibly tough to bring down and can hold their own, even against armies or multiple other minions. They draw their strength directly from the earth, and can therefore manipulate it to some extent and draw on its energy to increase its strength and size. Imagine the way the ground would shake when this guy comes pounding your way!!

Do to my accidentally almost deleting all of the creatures I've been working on, I missed a step or two in the following process sequence...but it's mostly there. Enjoy!


jazzlamb said...

I love the process sketches. Really cool.
But, uh... how shaky?

R.J. Peña said...

So shaky you'll fall on your face before you can even think about running =P