Monday, August 11, 2008

"Ascension" 1st Pass Animatic

Untitled from gunslingers19 on Vimeo.

Timing out animatics always sort of freaks me out cuz I find it hard to anticipate how much time a still image will take when it moves. So, usually the boards end up blowing by too fast (especially since I'm a bit wary of holding out something too long. In any case, here is the first pass of Ascension.


The Blaggernaut said...

Hey RJ, this is Lidiya.
I just wanted to say that your animatic looks great. I understand your worry about holding things out for too long, but in my experience I found that even the simplest action takes a lot longer to happen than it takes to comprehend a still image. My animation is always almost twice as long as the animatic.

Nancy said...

Hi Ray,

I recommend timing your Leica reel to music. Use a scratch track that has the rhythm that you will use in your final. The music will help you eliminate the long holds (which literally stop the show dead in several instances.) The music provides rhythm to cut your visuals to. You could also put in more storyboards showing some of the progression of the action, rather than simply holding one board for a long time.
I find it hard to follow the story when you shift to boards drawn on black card. You might consider cutting this section or restaging it. I remember you wanted to show the woman maturing as she flies with the kite and bird. Maybe it's just the character design, but I did not see life changes taking place when you went to the black paper. I only saw a lot of special effects. Yes, you need to show the 'storms of life' but do not lose sight of your character.
Never let your technique overpower your story.
Maybe you need another character (a young man?) approaching her, then leaving her, in the middle section (flying away on his own kite?) to show that time is passing, and that other people's lives are not in synch with hers. This would eliminate the shock we see as you show her at the end very aged, still flying the same kite. Right now there is a feeling that she's been standing there with this kite for eighty years. (changing the background would help eliminate this perception. She could be surrounded by descendants, or something.) You don't want a laugh here and this can easily be seen as comic.

Lidiya, if your animation is always twice as long as your animatic, you need to rethink your boards and retime the story reel. The animation and the Leica should be nearly the same length. That's the reason for making a Leica/animatic in the first place--to time the finished film and block the action and acting. Yes, a moving image takes more time to comprehend than a still image does. But adding more storyboards to show the acting will give you a good blueprint for timing that the animation will flesh out.