Sunday, May 20, 2007

Character Design Work

Here is the culmination of most of everything I've done in Nancy Beiman's character design class. Probably some of the best work I've done here at RIT. I will periodically add more to this post as I find them :-p. This consists of: a character created from 6 random descriptors pulled from an envelope, a caricature of a teacher we had when we were young who we then turned into an animal, our random creature posed in gestures drawn from Charlie Chaplin films, pages from our sketchbooks, tonal drawings made of a faceted head which were then pushed and pulled into caricatures by distorting the different planes of the face, model sheets of one of the characters from our previous assignments, characters created for the rhyme "Tisket-a-Tasket, characters in a style inspired by another artist, and finally a maquette of one of our characters.

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